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Embroidered pillowcase
Embroidery Machines

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Finished size 75cm x 50cm (29.5" x 19.75")
These instructions are for the Husqvarna Viking Designer 1 sewing/embroidery machine with Megahoop but may be made on any sewing machine with an embroidery unit with an embroidery design of your choice.
If you do not have an embroidery machine, decorative stitches may be used instead and a narrow piece of lace trim could be popped under the folded edge before stitching down the decorated panel.

You will need:

Plain cotton or polyester cotton poplin usable on either side of fabric as this design folds the embroidered flap over from the wrong to the right side.

1 piece - 100cm x 53cm (39.5" x 21") - for back of pillowcase

1 piece - 100cm x 56cm (39.5" x 22") - for front of pillowcase with embroidery on panel

Tear away embroidery stabiliser to fit Megahoop
Embroidery thread for chosen design
Bobbinfill thread for bobbin thread of embroidery
Standard sewing thread to match fabric for making up pillowcase

Pictogram Pen
A foot
B foot
10mm hemmer (optional)
J foot (if finishing seam allowances on sewing machine)
OR Overlocker for finishing allowances


Take the 100cm x 56cm piece of fabric for the front of the pillowcase. Mark the centre of the 56cm width. Trace the chosen design on to the Megahoop template and then position the template where you want the design on the pillowcase. Mark the centre and slots with a pictogram pen. Position the fabric and tear-away stabiliser in the hoop following the positioning guides you have just marked.

megahoop position
Fabric for front of pillowcase showing positioning of Megahoop

Embroider the design following the on screen instructions for moving the hoop position. I chose the bamboo design from Disk 124 – No 5.

 When finished remove fabric from hoop and carefully tear away stabiliser. Press.


Place the front of the pillowcase embroidery-side down. Fold the embroidered section over (so you can see the embroidery) and tuck the end under to make a neat hem. This panel with embroidery on should measure about 18 – 20cm. Press this folded-under hem without stretching it. Open out hem again and trim the hem allowance very neatly to 7mm.


Top stitch this hem into position with either a straight stitch using ordinary sewing thread or a decorative stitch such as Menu D – 46 to catch down the folded edge. Whatever you choose, keep it simple so that it does not detract from the embroidery


The pillowcase front should now be trimmed down from the original size of 56cm to 53cm (keep the embroidery design central) and the length should be reduced to 76.5cm.


The reason for starting off with a larger piece is that a combination of embroidery and folding fabric over can lose a bit of length here and there and it is easier to cut the exact size after these things have been done!


Take the other piece of fabric (100cm x 53cm) and using a 10mm hemmer make a hem along one of the 53cm edges. Press.


Put the FRONT and BACK right sides together with 16cm of the back extending beyond the embroidered front edge. Fold this extended piece back over the embroidered front piece so that it nearly covers the embroidered panel and fits tightly over the edge as it comes from back to the front. Pin the pieces together cutting the back length down to match the 76.5cm length of the front.


Using the A foot and stitch A2, length 2.5, make up the pillowcase. Stitch from the top edge you have folded (through all the layers) round the 3 sides of the pillowcase making a 15mm seam. Reinforce this stitching where the flap of the back with the 10mm hem is sewn on to the front, by stitching again for about 5cm on both sides. This will take the strain when a pillow is put in the case.

To finish the inside – either overlock the seam allowances with an overlock machine or trim the allowance down to 10mm and use the J foot and stitch A13.

Turn the whole pillowcase through to the right side out and press.

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